Parents want to know why they should pay good money for a martial arts program?  Besides the obvious self-defense skills martial arts teach, the most important reason to invest in a martial arts program is because an awesome program like ours at Judo America can cure many of issues that plague today’s “entitlement” and “entertainment” generation.  This is what your investment in Judo gets you:

  • You pay so your child can be on the mat instead of in front of a screen.
  • You pay so your child doesn’t become a victim of fear, bullies, apathy, sloppy work ethics, poor fitness and health.
  • You pay for those days when your child comes home from school, too “tired” to go to practice, but goes anyway.
  • You pay so your child perseveres in the face of disappointment: falling seven times, and getting up eight times.
  • You pay so your child climbs through, around, and over obstacles to accomplish goals.
  • You pay so your child learns there are no “safe spaces” in the real world.
  • You pay so your child learns it takes hours and hours of hard work and practice to become successful, and that success doesn’t come overnight.
  • You pay so your child becomes self-reliant, but also becomes a good teammate.
  • You pay so your child develops lifelong core values and leadership qualities.