General Competition Information

Our students participate in a variety of tournaments, all designed to develop character, gauge progress and improve performance.  Most of the tournaments we attend are in Southern California.  More extensive travel is required for our national and state championships. Below are the various types of tournaments we attend.

Informal or Non-Sanctioned Tournaments: these tournaments don’t require membership in any of the national organizations, which are USA Judo, U.S. Judo Association and U.S. Judo Federation.  Insurance coverage offered by the national organizations is not in effect at these tournaments.

Sanctioned Tournaments: these tournaments are sanctioned by one of the national organizations, and require that participants be a member of one of the national organizations.  Their insurance coverage is in effect.

Judo America Tournaments: these are our in-house tournaments, which are non-sanctioned. We attempt to host at least two tournaments per year.

Fight Night: held on a monthly basis during our regularly scheduled classes to offer a tournament-like environment.


Must I compete in tournaments?

Children are required to compete but adults are not. For children, competition is a huge part of a child’s character development, which is why we require children to compete. It’s also a requirement for rank promotion. In general, students who compete advance more quickly than students who don’t compete.

Do I compete with others with similar experience /weight?

Judo competition is based on weight divisions and skill levels- usually novice, advanced, and master for athletes over 30.

Do boys and girls compete with each other?

Yes and no. Girls and boys will train together and compete against each other within the confines of our class but are usually not allowed to compete against boys in sanctioned tournaments. However, in many informal events girls with parent or coach approval may compete against boys.