Judo America San Diego is solely supported by membership training fees and tax-deductible donations from the public at large, corporate America and our own members.  You may opt to earmark your tax-deductible donation for a specific project or athlete, or for general use. Our main needs of support are:

  • Training scholarships for economically disadvantaged children
  • Training and travel grants for our national and international level competitors
  • Maintenance of our training center
  • Purchase of specific equipment, i.e mats, video equipment, electronics…

Your donation is greatly appreciated. It will allow us to fulfill our obligations as a non-profit organization, while keeping our membership fees at a reasonable rate so that more people can participate.

Types of Donations

Besides individual donations from friends and members, we’ve been supported by corporate America.  Many companies have community support programs for non-profit organizations.  Check to see if your company offers any of the following donation programs:

Volunteer Incentive Program: a small donation will be made to a non-profit corporation if you volunteer at that non-profit.  Sempra Utilities and SDG&E offer this reward program.

Youth Sports Sponsorship: a small donation will be directed to a non-profit organization selected by the employee.  QUALCOMM offers this type of program.

Corporate Matching Funds: in conjunction with the United Way campaign, some corporations will match the donation of an employee.  HP offers such a donation program.

Your donation is greatly appreciated and will allow us to fulfill our obligations as a non-profit organization.