There are many choices for you or your child when it comes to a sport or martial art.  So why Judo?

Judo represents the…

  • Discipline of the martial arts
  • Growth opportunities of an individual sport
  • Character building of combative sports
  • Leadership and team building of team sports

Today’s Judo retains the original objectives of Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo:

  • Physical education
  • Moral development
  • Self-defense training

Judo is the original mixed martial art.  It’s a complete grappling art with standing techniques (throws and takedowns) as well as ground grappling techniques (pins, chokes, armbars.)

Participants progress at their own speed.  There are no bench warmers, so everyone is on the mat as full participants.  There is no Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers nonsense, and no Hollywood theatrics.

Judo is good for people with learning and physical disabilities.  It requires no adaptation for the visually impaired making it the premier sport for the blind.

Judo’s physical and technical demands result in the development of athletic abilities that are foundational for other sports.