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Don’t sabotage my talk!

Posted: February 27, 2018

This past Sunday, I ran another quarterly in-house developmental tournament using what I call Judo America rules- no penalties, no terminal ippon, and no banned techniques.  As players started filtering into the dojo, one of my dads approached me with his young son.  He told me his son had fallen off his bike the previous day and skinned his knee.  He brought his son to the tournament hoping that his son could compete, but was worried that he might bleed all over.  I took a look at the “wound” and told his son to get on the mat and be ready to compete.  It was pretty superficial.


A few minutes later, dad approached me again and filled in a few more details.  His son didn’t want to compete since he was “mortally” wounded.  Of course, dad was not having any of that.  He wanted his son to be a man although junior is only 8 years old.  So, that morning he talked to his son about how important it was to do his best in spite of the wound.  Unfortunately, mom overheard dad encouraging their son to compete when he didn’t want to, so she told her son that it was OK if he didn’t want to compete. Exasperated, dad cried out, “Don’t sabotage my talk!”  Priceless, isn’t it?  Much to her credit, mom said that dad was right and her son should compete.  This mom understood the message, but most moms wouldn’t have.

Tiger Mothers, Pussy Cat Moms

Posted: February 27, 2018

A Chinese mother is talking to her child: “What grade did you make on your reading test today in school? 93? If you had studied harder you would have been able to make 94.” The child returns after the next week’s test. “You made 94. You can do better than 94,” suggests the mother. “Just spend a little more time at your studies.” Finally, after weeks of study, the child proudly reports that her grade on this week’s test was 100. “But will you be able to keep it up?” inquires the mother.  From The Learning Gap by Harold Stevenson and James W. Stigler


When I first heard of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  I put a hold at my library branch and found I was 256th in line!  That was a waiting list record as far as books that I’ve wanted to read.  After about a month, during which I put a slew of other books on hold, I thought about canceling my hold and focusing on the more important titles on my list.  A little voice inside my head told me to read the darn thing since it was relatively short.  I’m glad I listened to that little voice.  Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother turned out to be the bomb!

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